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“We now have insight into the entire purchase order flow within the platform.”

Jolien Tiën , MOBA
Customers Moba

Egg machine giant Moba structures supply chain with Tradecloud

“In five years we will control our factory without manual labour.”

Frank-Jan Evers
Supply Chain Manager at Agrifac Machinery

“In addition to orders, we also share forecasts and stock information through the platform. As a result, we can strengthen our competitive position.”

Erik Groten Steenwelle, Nooteboom Trailers

“The more grip we get on the supply chain, the more often the sales colleagues can fulfill their promises towards the customer. In clear steps we connect the first 30 of our foreign suppliers. In the selection Tradecloud checks which of our suppliers are already present in the Tradecloud network.”

Rob Hantelmann, ERIKS

“Everywhere you have to deal with superfluous purchasing activities and the availability of data that you and your suppliers can do more with.”

Eric Blokvoord, Voortman Steel Group
Customers Noteboom

Noteboom Trailers: Process 200.000 order lines per year fully automatic, including CAD files.
Customers Eriks

Eriks: improve our reliability to customers
Customers Voortman

Voortman Steel Group: zero touch order handling

“The purchase order from the customer is now forwarded directly via Tradecloud to SAP, where the sales order is then made.

Conversely, it also works with our order confirmation. Deviating confirmations are immediately signaled so that timely action can be taken.”

Armand Goethals
Bosch Rexroth

Customers Rexroth

Rexroth Group: process customer orders directly in SAP
Customers Van

Van Egmond: provide B2B eCommerce services to customers

“We focus on the manufacturing industry and Tradecloud fits in perfectly with this as a tailor-made e-commerce solution.”

Hans de Croon, Van Egmond Groep

“We have achieved 50% time savings on operational purchasing”

Sander Uljee, Intersafe

“Stop operational purchasing.”

Franc Magnee, BluePrint Automation
Customers Intersafe

Intersafe: save 50 procent on manual order handling
Customers Bpa

BPA: improve supplier reliability

“As a fast-growing company, we needed a platform where our suppliers had better access to our orders. We also wanted to monitor the entire purchase to pay process from the beginning to the end.

Thanks to Tradecloud, our order administration is now automated and we react faster.”

Tom 't Lam, Quooker

“At the Procurement department, we now spend 15% less time on the same tasks than before.”

Martin Slok, Technetix

“The purchasing process was not agile, which resulted in many urgent orders of deliveries. In order to steer the growth of our company in the right direction, we felt it necessary to connect to a supply chain platform.”

Anjo Lubbers, Van Raam
Customers Quooker

Quooker : Share data with suppliers in Asia
Customers Technetix

Technetix: improve communication with suppliers in Asia
Customers Vanraam

Van Raam: share orders automatically from Exact Globe

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