Supplier onboarding

We help you optimize your supply chain and do not stop until successfull

Using the standard Tradecloud platform with pre-built apps, we can start quickly, achieve quick results and then add your specific wishes.

Our approach includes realizing a link with your ERP system, configuring your purchasing / sales process and then connecting your suppliers and / or customers.

Supplier Onboarding
10 steps plan

  1. Determine team and internal “Supplier Coordinator”
  2. Analysis of the supplier base
  3. Prioritization of the onboarding based on size, complexity
  4. Determining intended results and KPIs
  5. Result: list of suppliers and action plan
  6. Matching the suppliers with existing Tradecloud users and approaching these parties by Tradecloud
  7. Creating communication towards suppliers
  8. Group onboarding of suppliers
  9. Tradecloud coordinates all direct ERP integrations with suppliers
  10. Bi-weekly consultation between Tradecloud and the Supplier coordinator

Involve key suppliers first

Our experience tells us that the most successful method is to start with approx. 10 portal suppliers. This delivers quick initial success without technical complications. After these first successes, the next step is to connect some high volume suppliers with direct ERP integration.

Connecting suppliers successfully

  • Together we make a plan to connect suppliers step by step based on volume and complexity.
  • Suppliers can connect via the portal (within 5 minutes and free of charge) or choose to also integrate with their own ERP system.
  • Tradecloud supplies material to connect suppliers easily and quickly and monitors progress in the first period.
  • Many thousands of parties are now connected to the Tradecloud platform (directly or indirectly via other networks)
  • Our approach ensures that on average 80%-90% of the suppliers are connected within a few months.

Typical results of our customers


Less disruptions


Zero touch order handling


Supplier reliability

  • Nooteboom
    “In addition to orders, we also share forecasts and stock information via the platform. As a result, we strengthen our competitive position as a chain.”
    Erik Groten Steenwelle Nooteboom Trailers
    “Tradecloud automates the operational procurement. We are now focusing on exceptions and helping customers.”
    Don van der Kleij ERIKS
  • Quooker
    “We wanted to control the purchase-to-pay process. The order administration is now automated and we respond faster.”
    Tom ‘t Lam Quooker
  • Voortman
    “Everywhere you have to deal with unnecessary purchasing activities and the availability of supply chain data that you and your suppliers can do more with.”
    Eric Blokvoord Voortman Steel Group
  • Agrifac
    “We were tired of doing a lot of work that had already been done elsewhere in the chain. Think about order handling and adjusting prices. That is administrative hassle, such as keeping track of intrastat codes and packing slip registration. We wanted to automate that.”
    Rick Hartman Agrifac Machinery
  • Bosch Rexroth
    “The purchase order from the customer is now forwarded directly via Tradecloud to SAP, where the sales order is then made. Conversely, it also works with our order confirmation. Deviating confirmations are immediately signaled, so that timely action can be taken.”
    Armand Goethals Bosch Rexroth

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