Moba Jolien Tiën

Jolien Tiën

Teamleader Operational Procuremen

Egg machine giant Moba structures supply chain with Tradecloud

“We now have insight into the entire purchase order flow within the platform.”

The increasing growth of recent years prompted Moba – a manufacturer of egg grading machines – to implement the Tradecloud supply chain platform. This also required a simplification of the purchasing process. “We now have insight into the entire purchase order flow within the platform,” says Jolien Tiën, Teamleader Operational Procurement at Moba.

Moba wants to set up the Purchase to Pay process as effectively and efficiently as possible. According to Tïën, this is necessary for two reasons. On the one hand to simplify the complex IT landscape, on the other hand to make data easier to exchange with suppliers. The company in Barneveld has a reputation to uphold as the world’s largest egg machine manufacturer.

“Especially now that we are investing heavily in expanding and improving our supply chain, we want to do this well. That includes an overview. Tradecloud gives us the required insight into everything that has to do with buying orders.”
moba supply chain integration case study tradecloud

Innovation in production
Within the egg industry, Moba is the leading producer of equipment for grading, packing and processing eggs. The company recently launched a new version of an egg grading machine in which innovation plays a key role. The machine in question, the Forta, avoids contact between the eggs. This reduces the risk of egg shell cracking and the risk of cross-contamination. The machine is also equipped with more data collection and analysis possibilities.

Tradecloud determines workflow

“The fact that we are placing increasing emphasis on service also means that we have to introduce more structure into the recording of data. We have laid the foundations for this with a number of important steps,” says Tiën

Moba employees record orders in the ERP system and then most of the work takes place within Tradecloud. This includes determining the workflow and all order-related communication.

Delivery reliability partners
The suppliers with the most order lines have now been transferred to Tradecloud.

“We have asked them to sign up with the platform so that we can send the orders via Tradecloud. That works well. Not only does this changeover provide more insight, it also offers additional benefits. The order flow is better under control and in the future we, but also our suppliers, will be able to see real-time KPI’s about the delivery reliability.”

Save time
The retyping of order-related data is largely a thing of the past after the implementation of Tradecloud.

“The most important gain in time is that we do not need to keep separate records. The entire ordering process is a lot smarter. This also means that we can grow without having to take on more administrative staff.”

Tiën emphasizes that the potential time gain is important, but that Moba is mainly to do the quality improvement. With that in mind, phase two of the project also makes sense.

“We want the suppliers to ‘shoot’ the packing slips in Tradecloud as well. The platform can then have a shipment prepared in our ERP system.”

Extensive testing
The entire implementation process took about five months.

“We spent a little longer than previously thought on figuring out how we wanted to interface the orders within our IT landscape. We have also invested time in the coordination between the ERP system and Tradecloud. In addition, the new way of working was deliberately tested extensively, obviously because we attach great importance to quality.”

‘Just get on with it.’
Although Moba only went live recently, Tiën already sees enough potential.

“Tradecloud makes life easier. My tip to other companies would be to get started with it. Suppliers will then follow automatically, for example because they spend less time retyping data. As far as I’m concerned, Tradecloud is the number one platform for the manufacturing industry.”

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