Armand Goethals

eBusiness Manager at Bosch Rexroth

As eBusiness Manager, Armand focuses on all automation projects within the organization that focus on sales processes. From this role he deals with the SAP ERP system, CRM, EDI connections, the e-shop and also the setting up of the Tradecloud portal. “Digitization sounds great, but it has to work seamlessly so that you can focus your attention on the deviations”, says Armand.

Tradecloud provides standard interfaces that can link ERP systems from different manufacturers together

The drive and control technology from Bosch Rexroth ensures that machines and systems of all sizes get moving. The company bundles its global know-how of mobile applications, machine applications and engineering, factory automation and renewable energy to develop innovative components and customized system solutions and services. Bosch Rexroth offers customers hydraulic technology, electric drive and control technology and linear motion and assembly technology from a single source.

In 2014, during a Smart Industry theme event organized by FME in the Agro Food sector, Bosch Rexroth first became acquainted with Tradecloud. The former supply chain manager at Agrifac held a passionate talk about ‘lean coorporation’ and how the Tradecloud portal supported them in doing so. Agrifac as a buyer makes its purchase orders with any accompanying drawings and specifications available to its suppliers via the Tradecloud portal. This means that the supplier always has access to the current, relevant data and documents. The communication about orders and order confirmations is also handled via the Tradecloud portal. Both parties have an easy and direct insight into the order status, the speed of confirmation and late deliveries. “A very useful tool for jointly working on better supply chain performance,” says Armand.

A very useful tool for jointly working on better supply chain performance

“At the time of the FME event, Agrifac was the only customer of Bosch Rexroth connected to the Tradecloud portal. Rexroth manages its orders in SAP and did not see any advantage in working with the Tradecloud portal for just one customer. After all, orders must be retrieved manually from Tradecloud and imported into SAP, but the SAP order confirmations must be entered again in Tradecloud. ” At the end of 2016, a large customer of Rexroth announced that they had decided that in the longer term the order communication would only take place via the Tradecloud portal. Armand: “Tradecloud offers standard interfaces that enable you to connect ERP systems of different types with each other. This has motivated us to also connect to the Tradecloud network. It prevents you from retyping data from Tradecloud to SAP and vice versa. It not only saves work but also avoids unnecessary errors and delays in the ordering process. In close cooperation with Tradecloud, a well-functioning connection has been set up within a few months.The customer’s purchase order is now sent directly to SAP via the Tradecloud portal and then the sales order is made. Conversely, it works in this way with our order confirmation. Deviating confirmations are immediately signaled so that timely action can be taken.”

We went live with the first customer in mid-October. A few start-up problems were resolved quickly and professionally and the integration is now proceeding to full satisfaction. Orders are received and confirmed without significant problems, partly because on both sides a great deal of attention has been paid to data quality of the article files.”

By chance Armand comes with a nice anecdote. “Right after the go-live, the Tradecloud portal indicated that we would have delivered an order too late. Because we knew for certain that the product had been delivered long ago, we could inform the customer that the product would probably have to be in its warehouse somewhere. A few hours later that was also confirmed. A good example of how the portal can help to inform each other!”

“In the meantime, more Rexroth customers have joined Tradecloud, and the next integration will take place this month. The alignment and cleaning of article files takes the most time, technical integration is now very easy.”

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