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Send purchase orders automatically

Problem: Fragmented order information in different systems and different versions of the truth
Solution: All order information in one place and real time insight in statuses

As a buyer you can automatically send purchase orders from ERP to suppliers. Suppliers can then confirm the orders per line by quantity, price and delivery time. Confirmations are immediately processed in the ERP system and only deviations are entered in the workflow. Suppliers are kept informed of what is still open and everyone is looking at the same information.


Workflow for deviations

Problem: Unclear who should take which action, when
Solution: One list with all your order and communication tasks, filter by contact person/company/type of task, direct insight in the information to perform a task and everything in context of an order or order line

If a supplier confirms something different, this will be added to your workflow. In your workflow you immediately have an overview of all deviations by quantity, price or delivery date and you can immediately assess and approve or reject them. The workflow can optionally be controlled per buyer.


In context communication

Problem: Agreements about orders are hidden in emails, no transparency between different people working on an order and difficult to find out what exactly has been agreed
Solution: Communicate in context about an order directly with the order details and transparent information, everyone looks at the same information

In the Tradecloud platform you can communicate in real time with your supplier via the chat function to quickly reach an agreement. All communication is stored centrally and can therefore be found by everyone and is always in context of an order or order line.

Platform Integration

Integration of ERP systems between buyer and supplier

The basis of Tradecloud is the platform integration. This allows you to share information from your ERP system with the outside world in a structured way. Tradecloud has standard Connectors for most ERP systems and also takes care of the integration with the supplier’s system. This can be done via EDI, XML, SCSN, iDOC, CSV or another format. As a buyer, you only have one interface that you need to maintain.

Optional modules

Document Management

Upload documents with an order (line)

Problem: Documents are outdated, unknown, spread over (internal) systems
Solution: Documents can be uploaded to the order or order line in Tradecloud, everyone looks at the same (correct) information

You can add any accompanying document to an order (line), such as a drawing, packaging instructions, product data sheet, etc. This can be done via the portal or (automatically) via the API integration.

Logistic statuses

Access to ETDs

With this functionality it is possible to view the logistic status of an order. Suppliers can indicate whether an order is ‘in production’, ‘ready for shipment’ or ‘shipped’. This data can be used to prepare a (draft) receipt in ERP.


Plan deliveries and receipts

Problem: It is not always known when which orders will be shipped and/or delivered
Solution: Register and track shipments via the platform, accessible to everyone

Suppliers can plan deliveries including Track & Trace information. Realize better (JIT/Lean/QRM) planning for the production and/or warehouse. Registration and planning of deliveries by suppliers and preparing them as a concept receipt. Including digital packing slips, waybills and specifications.


Real time insight

Problem: Analytics are either not available at all or only through a separate external program
Solution: Analytics are calculated directly by Tradecloud and are transparent for both the buyer and the suppliers

Realize real time insight into the supply chain so that you can manage the exceptions. Some examples are: delivery reliability, order status, order volumes and order values.

Artificial Intelligence

Using AI for future decisions

Problem: There is a lot of information available that is not used
Solution: Tradecloud automatically collects all available information and uses it with AI for informed future decisions

With the help of AI you can focus even better on the real exceptions in your supply chain, because AI helps you to automatically approve certain deviations or to identify risks at an early stage. In 2020 we will launch our first module for this. Do you want to know more? Read our blog about AI.

Custom apps

Your specific functionality

Problem: Expensive and complex to realize your own specific wishes.
Solution: Build your specific wish as an app on top of the Tradecloud platform

Do you have specific wishes regarding, for example, your quotation, forecast, article management or invoicing processes? You can quickly and easily add this to the existing Tradecloud foundation. By developing on top of the platform, all essential matters such as cloud infrastructure, transaction handling and security have already been arranged so that you can focus on the functionality.

Tradecloud offers different modules to optimize your supply chain.

The basic package consists of the functionalities for:
Orders, Workflow, Communication, Document Management and Analytics.

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