Willem van Duren ELCEE

Willem van Duren

Manager Business Systems at  ELCEE

ELCEE chooses Tradecloud One supply chain platform to improve communication with production partners in Asia.

Focus on exceptions

ELCEE is the industry partner for components and assemblies, such as castings, forgings, plain bearings and welding. Transforming welded assemblies into cost-effective castings and forgings is one of its strengths. The manufacture of very high-quality components takes place at production locations worldwide, such as in China. ELCEE has ambitious growth goals and is constantly looking for a way of working with production partners that can support this growth. For this it is important that manual administration is automated as much as possible and there is more insight into the status of orders and deliveries. The search for a flexible, scalable and user-friendly supply chain platform quickly led to Tradecloud One.

Using the Tradecloud One platform, orders are sent automatically and buyers only have to assess the exceptions. In addition, everyone looks at the same order information and all communication is also centrally recorded.

“With Tradecloud One we are taking the next step towards a strong and flexible supply chain that can respond quickly to changing market conditions” says Willem van Duren, Manager Business Systems at ELCEE

Fast results and then further optimisation

The focus of the first phase is on rapid integration with production partners in China. The information and experience gained in this way will be used to connect production partners in other parts of the world (particularly India, Eastern Europe and Turkey) and to further optimize the purchasing processes. Functionally, the focus is on the process of sending orders to production partners and receiving confirmations. Production partners will confirm orders online and this data will be processed fully automatically in the ERP system (Microsoft Dynamics), including a workflow to approve or reject deviations on number, date, price at once. In addition, all communication between customer and supplier is recorded centrally and ‘in context’.

“We are proud to be able to add another great name from the Dutch manufacturing industry to our customers. ELCEE fits perfectly within our focus on fast-growing industrial companies that need more insight into orders, confirmations and deliveries, and at the same time want to automate operational processes as much as possible.” says Tonnis de Boer, Director at Tradecloud.

About Elcee

ELCEE is your partner for engineered components and assemblies, such as castings, forgings, plain bearings and welding. Transforming welded assemblies into cost-effective castings and forgings is one of our strengths. We specialize in the manufacture of very high quality components at the lowest cost at production locations worldwide. We provide technical support, quality control and supply chain management for all our products as standard.

The ELCEE group has 300 employees at 17 locations worldwide, of which a third in Asia for process control, production control and quality assurance. Closely connected to the processing and assembly workshops in China, Poland, Turkey, Ukraine and Vietnam, among others. Strategically located warehouses in Europe and Asia.

About Tradecloud

Tradecloud is the leading supply chain platform for industry and trade. Buyers and suppliers rely on Tradecloud to save costs and respond faster to changing market conditions. The platform offers functionality for orders, deliveries, real-time chat, AI-based workflow and specification sharing. The fast-growing network connects thousands of buyers and suppliers from industry and wholesale. Unlike traditional software, implementation times are short, subscription costs per month are based on usage and connecting suppliers is quick and easy. Users include Damen Shipyards, HBM, Eichholtz, Gazelle, Alfen charging stations, Moba, Nooteboom Trailers, Van Raam, Quooker, ERIKS and many others.

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