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Questions about the case


Making procurement processes more transparant and integrating suppliers at an operational level.



Since 1934 Intersafe has grown from a shop for opticians to a leading provider of products and services for safety at every workplace. As a prestigious group Intersafe operates in the Netherlands, Belgium and France.



Intersafe delivers a vast range of assorted protecting equipment. For example items such as helmets, safety shoes, work clothes, but also chosen fall protection, climbing gear and hearing protection. This is just a small selection of products that can change quickly.

Intersafe was looking for a supply chain platform that would ensure that the procurement activities could be carried out efficiently. They also wanted that the process of incoming and outcoming goods should be transparent. For the customers of Intersafe it is important to get a better overview of the inventory and deliveries. In addition Intersafe wanted a supply chain platform where they would compare the commitments of suppliers with their supply chain performance.



Intersafe chose the supply chain platform from Tradecloud partly because the functionality of the Tradecloud1 platform is very good. The decisive factor was for Sander Uljee, Supply Chain Performance Manager at Intersafe:


“Tradecloud is quite able to parameterize the supply chain platform according to customer requirements. That is the real strength of the supplier. For Intersafe this was very important because we could still influence the way we wanted to work with the platform.”


The introduction of the Tradecloud1 Platform took place in stages. One of the first stages is for instance working with fictional customers on the supply chain platform. After this Intersafe started working with some existing customers.

Once the supply chain paltform had been thoroughly implemented by Intersafe, they also began to manage the order process of the suppliers. Some suppliers delivered orderdata through EDI, but Tradecloud could easily link that to the Tradecloud1 supply chain platform.

Due to the functionality of the supply chain platform Intersafe can now easily monitor the supplier performance and Van der Ster noticed an improvement of 5% in supplier reliability. Intersafe sees this as a big step towards a better relationship with their partners within the supply chain.

The ultimate goal for Intersafe is to bring together the data from the WMS, inventory optimization software, bringing the ERP and webshop together to have one overview of the supply chain.