The International Supply Chain Management Congress is the first of a new series of 5 annual congresses with a mission: which is connecting the worlds of purchasing and supply management, R&D/innovation, sustainability and suppliers so they can share their knowledge in order to reach an innovative and future-proof supply chain.

The challenge of how to reach an innovative and future-proof supply chain, will be addressed from different angles by 30 speakers from different industries in sessions of:

  • international keynotes
  • best practices
  • leading specialists
  • innovations
  • interactive workshops
  • start-ups and academic findings

The event is for ambitious CxO’s, managers, academics, researchers and other professionals on Purchasing and Supply Management, Sourcing and cooperating end-to-end disciplines. And a unique platform for all companies and organizations offering services, knowledge or products for improving and innovating the supply process.

Tradecloud is also present during the congress as a partner and will provide a pitch. If you don’t want to miss the pitch and the other innovative ideas on the supply chain process, then register yourself for the competition to win tickets for the congress. We are giving away 2 tickets for the congress and you can win them!

You want to know more about how Tradcloud can make your supply chain future-proof before attending our pitch on the congress? Read then on our website about the Tradecloud1 Platform.

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