Van Raam is a manufacturer of unique customized bicycles. The specializations of Van Raam are tricycles, scootmobile bikes, tandems, duo bikes, wheelchair bikes, wheelchair transport bikes, and low entry bikes or comfort bikes. The Van Raam bicycles are all also available as electric bikes.

Strong growth

Due to the strong growth of Van Raam in recent years, communication between buyers and suppliers has become increasingly extensive. “The communication with our suppliers is not always optimal, as both we and the suppliers continue to ask the same kind of questions” says Anjo Lubbers, Manager Planning Office. “The purchasing process was not” Agile “, which resulted in many urgent orders and deliveries. In order to steer the growth of our company in the right direction, we saw the need to connect to a Supply Chain Platform. ”

Focus on exeptions

“The Tradecloud platform has given us the necessary communication structure” says Anjo. “Partly due to the use of Tradecloud, communication is now centrally stored and therefore transparent for both buyers and suppliers. As soon as a job has been placed from Exact, it will automatically go to Tradecloud1 and the supplier will receive a message so that he can confirm the order. The date, price and quantities are confirmed and then automatically returned to Exact for processing in the ERP system. This eliminates the sending of purchase orders sent to mail and the receipt of confirmations from suppliers. ”

The Tradcloud platform automates many functions for Van Raam and thereby helps to increase supplier reliability and predictability. The number of urgent orders and deliveries is therefore minimized.

Thanks to Tradecloud, Van Raam’s buyers can focus their attention on the pro-active order handling instead of the current way of working where reactive order follow-up was a key task.

Anjo is very content with the Tradecloud platform, but also with the relationship with Tradecloud, “They are quick in communication and think along in the complete supply chain process. Suggestions from our side are taken to heart and it is nice to see that SaaS solutions are picked up in this way by the software producer in an open setting ”

Van Raam has been a user of Exact software for years and through the standardized communication between Exact Globe and Tradecloud the purchase orders are synchronized directly to Tradecloud and the suppliers receive a notification. These can then confirm the orders and this confirmation is then returned to Exact Globe. Manual intervention with accepted orders is completely unnecessary. In the case of exceptions, a workflow is set in motion that enables the purchaser to accept or reject changes in the confirmation in relation to the requested.