Automate operational processes
and reduce your manufacturing risks

More speed, less waste and a more predicatable process.

Reduce supplier risk and focus on exceptions.

Gain visibility and control over your spend and supply chain operations. An all-in-one manufacturing software solution increases collaboration with all suppliers, from raw materials and components to MRO and indirect goods and services.

Your Manufacturing challenges:

  • Too much order handling
  • Improve supplier realiability
  • Get better insights in deliveries
  • Standization of processes
  • From ETO to CTO

Our Solution:

  • One platform for all external interactions
  • Share CAD files with suppliers

Sell more, with less

Tradecloud is the leading B2B platform that focuses entirely on the international industry and trade.

Join and get in touch with many potential customers. Tradecloud helps suppliers to get new customers and makes it easier to share product information.

Automate your Operational Sales

The B2B eCommerce platform helps companies to automate and optimize their sales processes.

Make sure customers know directly whether you can meet their demand and make sure orders and confirmations are automatically exchanged with your own ERP system.

Realize Customer Loyalty

Tradecloud delivers big data analysis and actionable insights to continuously improve the entire process around orders. Insight in delivery reliability, track & trace and forecasts help to integrate the logistics chain.

Chain integration with customers will lead to better customer loyalty.

Network Matching

Tradecloud is a unique B2B network because of its focus on the industry, trade and its suppliers. Starting is easy and you will experience the benefits within a few weeks.

Already more than 30,000 companies are active on the B2B eCommerce platform. As a participant we can put you in contact with customers. In this way, Tradecloud helps to grow the business.

“We now have insight into the entire purchase order flow within the platform.”

Jolien Tiën , Moba

“Everywhere you have to deal with unnecessary purchasing activities and the availability of supply chain data that you and your suppliers can do more with.”

Eric Blokvoord, Voortman Steel Group

“We have been able to reduce the delivery time from 8 to 2 weeks.”

Frank-Jan Evers, Heering Holland
Customers Moba

Egg machine giant Moba structures supply chain with Tradecloud
Customers Voortman

Voortman Steel Group: send orders automatically to suppliers, only focus on the exceptions!
Customers Heering

Heering: drastically reduce delivery time with modular production

A standard platform for manufacturing companies

Proven results in weeks, not years

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