We are proud that Technetix (producer of broadband networks) has chosen the Tradecloud platform to further integrate its suppliers, starting with a number of key suppliers in Taipei. Through the Tradecloud platform, suppliers can view their outstanding orders and can confirm them. The purchase orders come real-time from the Exact Globe ERP system and are confirmed by suppliers online by number, date and price. Deviations will be assessed by the Technetixs buyers and then processed automatically. The aim is to quickly improve the planning between production in EU and suppliers Asia and to automate operational purchasing.

About Technetix

Technetix was founded in 1990 following one man’s vision to deliver innovative, more effective networking products to the broadband cable industry – products more in tune with customers’ needs.

Today, it operates very successfully across Europe, North America, Latin America and the Asia-Pacific region, differentiating itself from competitors by gaining intimate knowledge of its customers’ requirements and delivering intelligent, award-winning solutions to the marketplace.

We bring value to our customers by forming consultative partnerships with them, offering more than 20 years’ experience of broadband network technologies. The nature of our relationships means that once a need has been identified, the solution can be developed and brought to market quickly; it’s one of the reasons why we’re the tried, tested and trusted supplier to over 2,300 customers in 91 countries.

From headend to the home, we provide products and services through the entire end-to-end networking process. And we’re the major European provider of products used in the final mile of broadband cable networks. As a result, you’ll find our product solutions embedded throughout networks around the world.


About Tradecloud

Tradecloud is the leading B2B supply chain platform for the manufacturing industry and technical wholesalers.

We help our customers to make their supply chain predictable and realize a shorter time-to-market with less inventory and less order handling. Already 28,250 companies in the network.

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