Tradecloud introduces real-time supplier performance

By Tonnis de Boer on 07/04/17 09:00

In the next release Tradecloud will introduce real-time supplier performance. This functionality makes it possible for buyers and seller to have direct insight in the delivery performance.

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Supply chain integration, automation, and analytics are top action items for 2017

By Team Tradecloud on 05/02/17 20:01

Supply chain integration, automation, and analytics are among the top action items for 2017 identified by manufacturers, reported IQMS, a leading manufacturing ERP software and manufacturing execution system (MES) authority. For IQMS, the focus in 2017 will be helping its customers to address these priorities through the practical application of Industry 4.0 and smart manufacturing concepts, which have established new benchmarks for manufacturers in North America and beyond.

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All 17 Key Metrics For Supply Chain Management that you ever need

By Team Tradecloud on 27/01/17 11:45

To make rapid decisions in today‚Äôs fast-acting environment, we need smart, time-saving, easy to interpret and most importantly decision-supporting key performance indicators (or even better Actionable Insights).
We have collected the most important for you.

Topics: SCM metrics
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Supply Chain Predictions 2017

By Tonnis de Boer on 11/01/17 19:14

As usual at the start of each year I make a summary of my supply chain predictions for the coming year. I also include some of the Gartner predictions for chief supply chain officers, though as always these predictions are more future-oriented than just what is going to happen in 2017.

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Direct material procurement woes and how to fix them

By Team Tradecloud on 02/12/16 13:01


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Three Mistakes Teams Need to Avoid in Selecting Supply Chain Planning

By Ghezal Arian on 22/11/16 20:01

We would like to share this great blog post, written by the supply chain shaman Lora Cecere. 

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President Trump: Procurement, Supply Chain and Policy Perspectives

By Ghezal Arian on 09/11/16 18:57

By  , Spend Matters

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Making the supply chain shift happen 2020!

By Ghezal Arian on 12/10/16 17:00

The International Supply Chain Management Congress is the first of a new series of 5 annual congresses with a mission: which is connecting the worlds of purchasing and supply management, R&D/innovation, sustainability and suppliers so they can share their knowledge in order to  reach an innovative and future-proof supply chain.

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Tradecloud LIVE 2016

By Ghezal Arian on 30/09/16 09:46

Last week we invited some supply chain managers to discuss the roadmap of the Tradcloud supply chain platform. Once again we want to thank all participants for their input on this day!

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ES Elektro joined the Tradecloud supply chain platform

By Ghezal Arian on 27/09/16 14:00

Tradecloud is happy to announce that ES Elektro is now connected to the Tradecloud supply chain platform. Through this collaboration ES Elektro will improve its operational processes and give its clients more insight in its products. 
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