Vandeputte safety experts has choosen the Tradecloud supply chain platform to optimize their supply chain management.

Orders from the ERP system (SAP) will be automaticaly shared with suppliers and suppliers confirm order via a portal or via direct ERP integration.

Supply chain challenges

  • Buyers spend on average 50% of their time retyping and chasing down orders, and not on optimization
  • Telephone, Excel and Email are not the tools to effectively manage a complex supply chain
  • 80% of the data needed to improve their supply chain is outside the company’s walls
  • 1 on 1 integration is expensive and complex
  • Procurement was always a cost center. But now procurement is a central driver,  not only to cut costs and ethically source supplies, but to simplify operations and find new sources of revenue.


Goals of the project

  • All supply chain interactions are processed automatically between ERP systems. Buyers and suppliers only focus on the exceptions
  • All external commmuncation is centralised and everybody looks at the same information
  • Data improves over time and can be used for forecasts and well informed decisions
  • Suppliers can connect easily with a variety of ERP systems
  • Buyers have real time insights in what happened and what can happen

How does this work for Orders and Order confirmations?

The following purchase processes are automated with Tradecloud:

Why Tradecloud?

  • 100% focus on the manufacturing industry
  • A standard solution that is improved together with customers
  • Fast, scalable and secure
  • A fast expanding network of connected buyers and suppliers
  • Transparent pay-as-you-go pricing

About Vandeputte


Our innovative and pioneering ‘Return On Safety’ concept provides you with a method that demonstrates how the right investments in safety can result in returns.

The Return On Safety method takes the customer’s safety process as its starting point to identify and analyse cost and return drivers and to offer specific solutions to these to enable the customer to concentrate 100% on their core business.
There are no high costs associated with this. On the contrary, we help you to avoid unnecessary costs and create extra return.