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    The platform to create a predictable supply chain.

    Send purchase orders, plan shipments, manage exceptions and communicate with suppliers in a single solution.
    Meet the supply chain technology platform to help you realize sustainable growth. For manufacturing, retail and wholesale.

The cloud platform for your digital supply chain

Pre-built apps to start with

  • Send purchase orders from your ERP

  • Communication with suppliers

  • Confirmations

  • Intelligent matching

  • Workflow for exceptions

  • Documents & specifications

  • AI based risk analysis

  • Standard EDI/XML/SCSN Interfaces

Typical results of our customers


Less disruptions


Zero touch order handling


Supplier reliability

“You can no longer enter everything manually in terms of orders. There is no time for that and the chance of making mistakes is too great.”
“With Tradecloud One we are taking the next step towards a strong and flexible supply chain that can respond quickly to changing market conditions”
Willem van Duren, ELCEE

“With Tradecloud One we are taking an important step towards task-oriented working and better cooperation with our suppliers and logistics partners”

Mirian Pieterson, Vespo
Customers Alfen

Alfen: ‘You cannot grow fast without cooperation and standardization.’
Customers ELCEE

ELCEE: The next step towards a strong and flexible supply chain.
Customers Vespo

Vespo: Task-oriented working and better cooperation with our suppliers and logistics partners.

On the way to a digital supply chain

With Tradecloud you lay the foundation for a self-managing supply chain that allows you to save costs and react faster to changing market conditions. Many companies in the manufacturing industry and wholesales already work with the platform to remove unnecessary administration from their operational purchasing process.

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