Hencon has choosen Tradecloud to integrate their suppliers. Orders from ERP will be automatically send and processed between Hencon and their suppliers. Connected suppliers include Van Egmond and Kramp.


About Hencon

The Netherlands, 1956. When we first started out, we mainly made side loaders and road construction vehicles, such as motor graders. In the early years, we introduced our familiar side-loading concept, in use in the global steel and wood industry for 40 years. Many years of experience combined with flexibility and innovative drive are key features of our identity.

Entry into the aluminium industry
In 1972, we ventured into the light metal industry, becoming the world’s leading company in special mobile equipment for the aluminium industry. Our programme includes a complete range of special vehicles for casthouses, foundries and potrooms. We also started manufacturing special handling equipment and custom-made vehicles for the concrete industry, where big prefabricated elements have become widespread.

Hencon today
The production of cost-efficient base metals is becoming ever more complex. To help give you a competitive edge, we design and manufacture special vehicles with leading-edge technology, delivering excellent performance. Our solid devices also come with a unique level of service and on-site maintenance. Our goal is to ensure that your equipment is available 24/7 for many years to come: The Smart Movement for maximum possible continuity.

Future proof

Technology is changing fast. At Hencon, we develop new, state-of-the-art solutions to help future-proof your processes. One example is our automated guided vehicle which has no need for a driver. The development of electrically-driven, zero-emission equipment is also a high priority. Our customers value our distinctive, innovative drive and benefit from inspiring opportunities for greater performance, sustainability and job satisfaction.

Dutch standards
Hencon is a Dutch company, with sound Dutch core values. The Dutch are pioneers, always looking for even smarter, safer and faster ways of doing things. From the very outset, Hencon has stood for excellent quality, flexibility, high standards and customer satisfaction. Advantages that make Hencon a highly valued international player in the aluminium and mining industries.

Solid sustainability
As well as seeking to improve efficiency and safety, Hencon also focuses on environmental and personal health matters. We have valued the importance of these major issues since the early 1980s. Today, our mobile industrial vacuum machines are used all over the world. Hencon firmly believes in the three interconnected elements of People, Planet and Profit.

Open for your challenge
We believe that honesty, integrity and transparent teamwork are the best policy.
Hencon’s culture means being closely involved with our clients, with whom we love to tackle new challenges. Need equipment right away? Faced with a particular challenge? Ask Hencon!


We design and build innovative products and services to help our partners secure a profit in a safe and sustainable manner.

The Hencon Group sets new standards in the engineering, manufacturing and servicing of reliable, special and custom-made mobile equipment for the aluminium and mining industries. We focus on flexibility, high-quality standards and customer satisfaction.