Quooker is growing extremely fast, with revenue growth around 30 percent each year. ‘With such rapid growth, communication with our suppliers is becoming increasingly important ‘, says Tom’ t Lam, Supply Chain Consultant at Quooker. A predictable delivery time is also essential. ‘If a lead-time is issued by a supplier, we really have to be able to rely on it so that we can manage our stock position and production planning well. In order to keep up with the growth in production, we needed e-procurement tools for chain integration ‘.

‘We sent the purchase orders in PDF format to our suppliers. Then it took one to three weeks before we received the order confirmation back in the format of the supplier. Then we had to manually process it again in Exact. There was not only a considerable delay but also a lot of manual work in the purchasing process. In addition, we were unable to confirm in Exact at the level of order lines. We then solved that by adding a note at the main level of the order. This method was, of course, far from optimal and the chance of errors was great. ‘

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