Kuster Engineering chooses Tradecloud

We are proud that Kusters Engineering has chosen Tradecloud to make its supply chain faster and more predictable. Through the Tradecloud platform, suppliers will have access to their outstanding orders and can confirm them. The purchase orders come real-time from the existing ERP system and are confirmed online by suppliers on quantity, date and price. Deviations are assessed by the buyers and then processed automatically. Suppliers have real-time access to delivery reliability.
The target:

  • Automate operational procurement
  • Shorter lead times
  • Focus on exeptions
  • Less mistakes

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor kuster engineering

Money is a product with a life cycle

At Kusters Engineering everything is about money! Literally, because they deserve it by destroying it. While for most people money is only a means of payment, for Kusters Engineering this is a product with a life cycle. With their machines, paper and coins are destroyed at a rate of no less than 1 million banknotes per hour in approximately 250 countries and around 75 central banks worldwide.

Transition to Kusters 4.0
The company is currently in a transition. The new Kusters Engineering must stand for an innovative, self-expanding organization. Under the name ‘Kusters 4.0’, the company ultimately wants to double the turnover with the same number of indirect people.

How will this be achieved?
Richard Geerdink, Business Development Manager at Kusters Engineering: “By investing heavily in innovation (engineering) and standardization, in order to switch from a strong Engineering To Order (ETO) company to a project-oriented Configure To Order (CTO) company. At the same time, we want to record all product knowledge at the same time. We need help with that, of course. ”

About Tradecloud

Tradecloud is the leading B2B supply chain platform for the manufacturing industry and technical wholesalers. We help our customers to make their supply chain predictable and realize a shorter time-to-market with less inventory and less order handling. Already 28,250 companies in the network. Are you interested in more speed and higher margins? Then contact us for a personal demo.