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    B2B eCommerce software for suppliers

Tradecloud offers various modules for optimizing your sales process.

Most users start with Orders/confirmations, Workflow, Communication, Document Management and Analytics.


Automatically receive orders

Problem: Fragmented order information in different systems and different versions of the truth
Solution: All order information in one place and real time insight into statuses

As a supplier you receive orders directly from the customer’s ERP system via Tradecloud. You can then fully confirm the orders or change per line on quantity, price and delivery time. Changes are immediately adapted in the linked ERP systems. You will be kept informed of what is still open and everyone looks at the same information.


Workflow for deviations

Problem: Unclear who should take which action, when
Solution: One list with all your order and communication tasks, filter by contact person/company/type of task, direct access to the information to perform a task and everything in context of an order or order line

When a customer sends an order or message, this enters your workflow. In your workflow you have an immediate overview of all open orders, changes and communication tasks. The workflow can optionally be controlled per customer.


In context communication

Problem: Agreements about orders are hidden in emails, no transparency between different people working on an order and difficult to find out exactly what has been agreed
Solution: Communicating in context about an order directly with the order details and transparent information, everyone looks at the same information

In the Tradecloud platform you can communicate with your customer in real time via the chat function in order to quickly reach an agreement. All communication is stored centrally and can therefore be found by everyone and always in context of an order or order line.

Document Management

Upload documents to an order(line)

Problem: Documents are outdated, unknown, spread over (internal) systems
Solution: Documents can be uploaded to the order or order line in Tradecloud, everyone looks at the same (correct) information

You can add any accompanying document to an order(line), such as a drawing, packaging instructions, product data sheet, etc. This can be done via the portal or (automatically) via the API integration.


Real time insight

Problem: Analytics are either not available at all or only through a separate external program
Solution: Analytics are calculated directly by Tradecloud and are transparent for both the buyer and the suppliers

Realize real time insight into your sales process so that you can manage the exceptions. Some examples are: delivery reliability, order status, order volumes and order values.


Plan deliveries

Problem: It is not always known when which orders will be shipped and/or delivered
Solution: Register shipments via the platform, accessible to everyone

Give customers access to planned deliveries including Track & Trace information. Realize better (JIT/Lean/QRM) planning for the customer’s production and/or warehouse. Registration and planning of deliveries by suppliers. Give customers access to expected orders, digital packing slips, waybills and specifications.


Receive forecasts

Problem: Forecasts are known to your customers, but are not shared with you
Solution: The customer shares his forecast with you via the platform and thus increases predictability

Receive forecasts from customers so that you have a better insight into their future material needs. Use the data to better organize your own process. Receive material requirements for the next 12 months by item, quantity and date. Obtain or provide insight into stock at different locations.

Item Management and master data

Central item management

Problem: Item information is hidden in internal systems and is sometimes out of date
Solution: Share the item information on the platform, everyone looks at the same up-to-date information

Buyers and suppliers both have access to the same item information. Prices, delivery times and possibly CAD specifications are available in real time for all parties involved. A central overview of all item master data ensures fewer errors. Suppliers have access to their own data and can adjust it.

Quickly integrate with customers that are already active on the platform

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