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“It is time-to-market that will make you successful”



The history of the agricultural producer Agrifac goes all the way back to 1939. Back then it was called AMAC and it produced solely potatoes. Since 2008 the company name was changed to Agrifac. The production is focused on various types of heavy equipment according to the 4E for growers, efficiency, economics, ergonomics and ecology.



Since 2007 Agrifac’s profit quadrupled, yet ‘’the ambition is to grow further extensively’’ says Frank Jan Evers, Plant Manager at Agrifac. Furthermore, says Evers ‘’these days the focus in the manufacturing industry lies on short lead times, instead of cost savings. It is time-to-market that will make you successful.’’

In order to achieve this, it is necessary to connect the entire supply chain. ‘’This means that Agrifac wants to: work more intensively with their suppliers, have no stock in the supply chain and share information with its suppliers. To link the chain to each other we need a software, this is where Tradecloud comes into the picture. Thus, Evers was very happy when he came into contact with Tonnis de Boer from Tradecloud in 2013.



The communication about purchase orders is now automated through the Tradecloud1 platform. The only thing suppliers still need to do is confirm the automated purchase orders with one click,’’ says Tonnis de Boer.

On the Tradecloud1 platform, Agrifac’s suppliers see how many items they deliver to the manufacturer,  along with the prices and delivery time. Agrifac may also inform the suppliers through Tradecloud about their forecasts for instance for the next 6 weeks. According to Evers, it is the sales department who handles accurate forecasts of the suppliers. The sales department plans the next forecasts based on the incoming orders. The purchasing department is responsible for the selection of the suppliers.

 “Products can be left out of the warehouse and go directly to the production line. This efficient way of working can save us a lot of unnecessary inventory.”