We would like to share this great blog post, written by the supply chain shaman Lora Cecere.

Mistakes happen. Supply chain planning user satisfaction is a flip of the coin. Satisfaction is low: one in two supply chain planning software users states satisfaction. Successful implementations start with the software selection.

Supply chain planing is now three decades old. Today over 82% of companies have some form of supply chain planning. With the rash of merger and acquisition activities, many companies have inherited multiple systems. The average is 2 to 3 demand, and 3 to 5 supply chain supply planning solutions operating on 3 to 5 Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions. There is no one common way to implement planning solutions. Configured by a planning team, based on the business requirement, each planning instance is different. Differences exist in data models, planning hierarchies, and data definitions. As a result it is difficult to roll-up planning data for decision making across the company post-merger. As a result, a search for a new software solution begins.