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All-in-one Platform

Manage your supply chain with a single platform and real time access to orders, items, shipments and metrics. Reduce order handling by integrating processes for supply chain collaboration. Have a clear view over the whole purchase-to-pay process. 

Quick & Clear Communication

Tradecloud allows buyers and suppliers to see and share common real-time data. Track actual orders and receive alerts when there is a discrepancy. React to issues pro-active and quick. Share orders efficiently and have a transparant overview of data and communication.


Minimize Order Handling

With buyers and suppliers sharing the same order data, there is no need for paperwork, e-mails and phonecalls. You will have significantly less order handling and the chance for matching errors will be minimized. Moreover you will have access to the same detailed product information as your customers or suppliers. 

Security & Privacy

All your order, invoice, item and customer data is safe and easy to manage in the cloud. We are certified according to international standards. Our supply chain cloud is completely secured through a SSL connection. We will not share your data with third parties, including governments. 

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