Acceptance test scenario template for supplier integrations

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Acceptance test scenario template for supplier integrations

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Caution! The exact test scenarios strongly depend on what your ERP system is technically capable of and how far you want to go with automating your process. This should be defined before creating test scenarios.

Also, before starting on acceptance test scenarios check this ERP-to-ERP system integration checklist.

Subjects to think about when creating test scenarios

Receiving order messages from Tradecloud, what to do when:
  • Order header data not recognized by your ERP, or not filled in the order message, e.g.:
    • Destination
    • Incoterm
    • Payment term
    • Data fields required for your process
  • Order header data updated on a later stage, e.g.:
    • Change in the delivery address
  • Order line updated on a later stage
  • Order line data not recognized by your ERP, e.g.:
    • Supplier item number unknown.
  • Logic related to specific order line data fields is required for your process, e.g.:
    • Item dimensions
    • Revision  
    • Charges
  • Order lines with multiple delivery schedule positions (split deliveries) are requested from your customer.
  • Documents are attached to the order header or order line.
    • Check manually via the portal.
  • The buyer requests changes on an already confirmed order line.
    • Do you want to handle this from your ERP?
    • Can your ERP handle this?
  • The buyer cancelled/delivered/completed order lines
    • Process them in your EPR?
Sending order response messages to Tradecloud, what to do when:
  • Order line confirmations:
    • Use accepted and rejected indicators (with optional Reason) or,  
    • Sending the values (price/delivery date/quantity) as known in your ERP system.
  • Order line reconfirmations from your side:
    • Using the Tradecloud portal to process them or your ERP system?
    • How are you informed about approvals or rejections of your reconfirmation?
  • Attaching documents
    • Manually via the Tradecloud portal

Acceptance test scenario template

Below you find a “Test scenarios for supplier integration” template for a basic supplier integration, it is possible to cover much more with your integration. You can use it as a start and extend it with scenarios that apply our your situation.

Situation basic supplier integration used to create the template:

  • The order response message can contain all POL of the PO or a subset of the POLs.
  • Only issues orders are send to the supplier ERP, no other messages are processed automatically by the ERP.
  • PO line confirmation is done based on the price, quantity, and delivery date as known in the supplier ERP system for the supplier item number that is mentioned in the PO line.
  • When the supplier item number is unknown, no response message will be sent for that particular PO line. The PO line will be processed manually based on tasks in the Tradecloud portal.
  • Updates from the buyer on the PO or PO Line are processed manually based on tasks in the portal.
  • Updated from the supplier on the PO or PO Line are communicated to the buyer via the portal.
  • Documents are downloaded and uploaded manually via the portal.
  • Cancelations by the buyer are handled via automatically created tasks in the Tradecloud portal.
  • Completed and delivered order lines will not trigger any action on the supplier side.

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