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Our Story

With our TradeCloud1 B2B Platform we make supply chain 10x more effective. Tradecloud believes clear communication and insight into real-time data is essential for companies to become successful. When you partner with TradeCloud, you get the fastest, most effective, and affordable online platform that professional buyers are looking for right now. On top of that we are open for feedback from our customers to improve our platform.

Tradecloud offers this industry-wide platform to different sectors in 7 languages. The innovative platform is already integrated with all recognized ERP systems and suppliers can easily connect their ERP systems if needed.  We work with supply chain managers of companies like Quooker, ERIKS, Agrifac, Nooteboom, BPA and many others.


Our Team








''I was inspired to go into the software development field due to my curiousity about how the supply chain platform was created. I am passionate about coding and providing high quality solutions and TradeCloud gives me the opportunity to improve myself and get better at what I love to do every day.''

Matthijs Halvemaan, IT developer


Customer Success

''My key expertise at TradeCloud is helping customers focus on their customer journey and deliver an extraordinary customer experience. One of the most rewarding things is helping customers map their process and goals. Because customers are looking for a total solution and not a one time solution.''

Jason van Neijhof, Customer Success Manager

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