Tradecloud is working on a new major release of the platform. This is release 4 and it is called ‘Tradecloud One’. In this release we will introduce a new UI, a new high speed cloud infrastructure and develop a lot of improvements that we have learned from users and customers over the past years. This new release is planned for Q2 2020 but we would like to inform you already on the improvements .

Our vision for developing the Tradecloud One release:

  • One platform for managing your total supply chain
  • One real time version of the truth for all buyers, suppliers or third parties involved
  • One interface to your ERP system to connect multiple supply chain partners

Key features include:

  • A new User friendly User Interface that also works on mobile
  • Easily search, find and connect with buyers or suppliers (LinkedIn style)
  • Real time supply chain chat and activity stream (Facebook style stream of supply chain events)
  • Integrate your ERP with multiple buyers or suppliers via one interface (N:N network)
  • Actionable insights, supply chain analytics and exception management
  • Advanced modules for Orders, Shipments, Forecasts and Item management
  • Standard ERP interfaces based on SCSN and OpenAPI standards
  • Built on a high speed, high security infrastructure

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