Tradecloud is working on a new major release of the platform. This is release 4 and it is called ‘Tradecloud One’. In this release we will introduce a new UI, a new high speed cloud infrastructure and develop a lot of improvements that we have learned from users and customers over the past years. The release is planned for Q2 2020.

Our vision for developing Tradecloud One:

  • One platform for managing your total supply chain
  • One real time version of the truth for all buyers, suppliers or third parties involved
  • One interface to your ERP system to connect multiple supply chain partners

Key features include:

  • A new User friendly User Interface that also works on mobile
  • Easily search, find and connect with buyers or suppliers (LinkedIn style)
  • Real time supply chain chat and activity stream (Facebook style stream of supply chain events)
  • Integrate your ERP with multiple buyers or suppliers via one interface (N:N network)
  • Actionable insights, supply chain analytics and exception management
  • Advanced modules for Orders, Shipments and Forecasts
  • Standard ERP interfaces based on SCSN and OpenAPI standards
  • Built on a high speed, high security, cloud infrastrcuture

Real time activity stream

Tracecloud one is a high speed, event-based, cloud platform, which keeps track of all supply chain events.

  • This creates 100% tractability on who takes which action and when the action is done.
  • All your supply chain activities are tracked on the homepage for an overall supply chain overview.
  • Each activity is linked to an order or an order line, so all activities of one order or order line can be tracked individually.
  • This gives you perfect insight in what happened with an order and who was involved.

Personal Tasks list

For every user Tradecloud automatically creates a personal Tasks list. This list is filled with exceptional cases that need human input. E.g. when your supplier cannot meet your demand and has done a change proposal.

The benefits:

  • One list with all your order and communication tasks
  • Filter on contact persons, companies & task types
  • Direct insight in the information to perform a task
  • Everything ‘in context’ at the order or order line

Customizable order overview

Tradecloud One offers a customizable order overview in which a user cannot only focus on the orders he is interested in, but he can also filter out all order data that is not needed to do his job. In this way, Tradecloud provides a clear and focused working area for each individual user.

The benefits:

  • Better (more) insight of order statuses
    • Separate Process statuses and Logistical statuses (Not confirmed and also delivered is possible now)
    • Labels for specific statuses (e.g. too late)
  • Only view the orders you are interested in
    • Filter on multiple statuses & companies
  • View only data that’s important to you
    • Customizable data table

All order information in one place

Tradecloud combines all order information in a chronological way in one place. In this way you not only know exactly when a order is confirmed and who was involved, but also which communication preceeded the confirmation. So no more searching in your inbox for an email about an order you sent 6 weeks ago.

The benefits:

  • Order timeline to track the status of an order
  • Order specific activity stream
  • Clear visibility of proposed changes
  • In context communication
  • Only exceptions end up in your personal Tasks list


  • The first customer will go live in Q1 2020 with the basic functionality of Tradecloud One
  • As of Q2 2020 we will start implementating new customers
  • For all existing users we will make a migration plan based on available functionality

What does this upgrade mean for existing Tradecloud users?

For existing users this means they will have an even better User Experience and more functionalities. For example, because of the event-based structure we can offer a 99.95% uptime of our platform which, at the same time, is even faster and more secure. Another major improvement in the structure of the platform makes it now possible for suppliers to connect to multiple buyers on the platform. Furthermore we also improved some functionalities of Tradecloud, for example Communications and Workflow tasks are now combined in your own Tasks list (as mentioned above). And last but not least, we have worked hard to renew the User Interface.

We will plan demo’s for every company that is active on our current platform. During this demo we will go through your process in the Tradecloud One platform and discuss the migration.

Please contact us if you have any questions.