Van Egmond Group exists for more than 80 years and is one of the oldest electro-technical wholesalers in our country. The company supplies components for industrial automation and -drive. With the components and semi-finished products of Van Egmond Groep, OEM and manufacturing industry can assemble machines.

Hans de Croon is commercial director and responsible for sales. According to Hans, they know to a certain extent what the machine builders are going to buy. “The articles and prices are well-coded and harmonized. That is also a condition to make the electronic coupling a success. Tradecloud forces you to a synchronized way of working but rewards you with a fast and efficient collaboration with the customer. “

According to Hans, a large part of the operational order handling can now be digitized by the use of Tradecloud. “Operational tasks around the entry and confirmation of orders have disappeared. For example, there is no need to mail more about order details, because the customer and supplier see the same information in the portal. The advantage is that we now focus on the deviations in the order process. A deviation, such as a delay in a delivery time, we see immediately so that we can take action immediately.”