In the next release Tradecloud will introduce real-time supplier performance. This functionality makes it possible for buyers and seller to have direct insight in the delivery performance.

As buyer you can view and compare the delivery performance of all suppliers so you can identify potential issues.
As a supplier you can view your own performance over the last 12 months.

Delivery performance= the actual delivery (time + quantity) versus the requested and the confirmed data

There are 2 metrics:

  • KPI1: Requested versus delivered
  • KPI2: Confirmed versus delivered

Figure 1: Supplier reliability per month and the deviation per individual order line

  • A Bar chart for 12 months including the current period
  • KPI 1: % requested date + quantity
  • KPI 2: % confirmed date + quantity
  • Month = delivery month, month of the actual delivery
  • A filter to select 1 supplier, only for the buyer role
  • A filter on tier 1,2,3 suppliers, only for the buyer role
  • A filter on account manager per supplier (=buyer) , only for the buyer role
  • A drill down to the detailed order lines, so clicking on 1 month shows the orders lines in that month
  • A target line is shown, e.g.  95%
  • A trend line over the last 12 months

How are the KPI’s (key performance indicators) calculated?

To analyze supplier delivery performance we differentiate between 2 indicators:

  • KPIrequested = the delivery performance indicator regarding the requested delivery date
  • KPIconfirmed = the delivery performance indicator regarding to the by the customer confirmed delivery date

Both indicators are shown as percentages, ranging between 0 and 100%, where 100% indicates the supplier is always delivering as requested/confirmed. To calculate these performances we distinguish between a delivery too early and a delivery too late.

Both use the following formula with different arguments:

Where denotes the impact a deviation has on the KPI.

The graph below shows the 2 curves of the KPIrequested, where a delivery too early has less impact on the KPI than a delivery too late.

Figure 2: KPIrequested graph, the performance is 50% when 7.5 days delivered before the requested date and 25% when delivered 5 days to late.

For more information on delivery-performance-index is available in Dutch on the website of Mutatis-Mutandis.