Tradecloud offers multiple modules for automating your purchase processes.

Typically users start with Purchase Orders and then extend processes.

Purchase Orders

eProcurement: send purchase orders automatically

As a buyer, you can share purchase orders directly and automatically from the ERP system through Tradecloud to your suppliers. Suppliers can then confirm the orders by number, price and delivery time. Changes are directly adapted to the ERP system. Suppliers are kept informed of what’s still open. Everybody looks at the same information.

Incoming Shipments

Schedule deliveries

Have access to scheduled deliveries from suppliers including track & trace information. Realize a better (JIT/Lean/QRM) planning for the production and/or warehouse. Announce and schedule deliveries by suppliers. Get insight into expected deliveries, including packing slips, freight letters and specifications.

Central Item Management

Central article catalog

Buyers and vendors both have access to the same article information. Prices, delivery times and any CAD specifications are available in real time for all parties involved. A central overview of all item master data causes fewer errors. Suppliers have access to their own data and can customize them.

Purchase Forecasts

Share forecasts

Ensure suppliers have access to future material needs. Provide suppliers with more information so that they can also better organize their own process. Share material requirement for the next 12 months. Get insight into inventory at different locations.

Supply Chain Analytics

Real time insights

Realize real-time insight in the supply chain so you can focus on the exceptions. Some examples include: delivery reliability, order status, order volumes and order values.

Quickly integrate with suppliers already active on the platform

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