Sell ​​more to new and existing customers



  • Quickly integrate with your customer
  • Receive and confirm orders automatically
  • Share item and avialability information
  • Plan shipments
  • Receive forecasts and future demand
  • Communicate ‘in context’ on exceptions

The largest industry network

Many well-known parties active

Tradecloud is the largest network in the industry and (technical) wholesale and growing fast. Join and get instant access to reputable industrial companies. For vendors connecting to the network is faster and more effective than deploying one-to-one EDI or XML connections with each customer.

One version of the truth

Integration of the whole process

As a supplier, you receive orders directly from the customer’s ERP system through Tradecloud. Confirm the orders completely or change the number, price or delivery time. Changes are directly adapted to the linked ERP systems. Everybody looks at the same information.
Check out the functionality here.

What our customers say

“Tradecloud automates the operational order handling. We are now focusing on exceptions and helping customers.”
Don van der Kleij, ERIKS
“There is a lot less manual work and you need to make fewer corrections. I also expect less credit notes because there are fewer uncertainties with this way of working. We’ve stopped emailing and ordering by mail.”
Armand Goethals, Manager Sales Process Support, Bosch Rexroth
“We focus on the manufacturing industry and Tradecloud fits in perfectly with this as an effective e-commerce platform.”
Hans de Croon, Commercial director, Van Egmond Groep

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