Subscriptions for suppliers

Transparant all-in rates

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Using the portal is 100% free. Additional functionality is charged based on type of ERP integration and number of transactions


  • The solution to receive & confirm orders
  • For connecting to 1 customer via the portal


105,- per month
  • Premium suppliers
  • For connecting to 2 or more customers via the portal


On request
  • Enterprise suppliers
  • For large suppliers that partner with Tradecloud

ERP integration methods

To keep pricing transparant and directly linked to your savings, the pricing of ERP integration consists of a monthly subscription fee for maintenance, monitoring and support of the integration, and a transaction fee per order line. These prices are additional to the supplier subscriptions above. This means e.g. that for ERP integration with 1 customer you only pay the integration fee below.
See all integration methods here >>

Via CSV/iDOC FileConnector

165,- per month
  • The out of the box solution for receving orders and sending confirmations from your own ERP system.
  • Incl. maintenance & support
  • Excl. implementation

Via our REST API

265,- per month
  • Connect your ERP to our API. We provide documentation and support
  • Incl. maintenance & support

Via EDI or ERP connector

320,-per month
  • A specific solution tailored to your ERP system or EDI specs
  • Incl. maintenance & support
  • Excl. implementation

Transaction fee: €0,23 per order line. Calculated and invoiced on a monthly basis.


Are the rates all-in?2018-06-19T10:08:18+00:00

Yes, there are no added costs as with traditional licence software. The monthly or transaction plans include hosting, maintenance and support.

What is a transaction?2018-07-15T10:35:38+00:00

A transaction is e.g. an order line, an invoice line or a shipment line. An order confirmation or update is not a new transaction.

Do I have to pay in advance for a year?2018-06-19T10:10:01+00:00

Yes. Contracts are for paying one year in advance. We have noticed that if users tend to look a year ahead are more successful and long-term success is our goal.

Do I need to move to the enterprise model with than 1 customer?2018-06-19T10:10:52+00:00

Yes, if you connect more than 1 customer you need to move to the enterprise model. Only in this model we can assure that you have 1 connection and 1 dashboard for multiple customers and that you take fully advantage of the platform.
We have shown that it works and provides value for one customer so now we can together promote the solution in the whole market and expand your business, the enterprise model enables this.

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