Tradecloud One, The fourth release

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Tradecloud One, The fourth release

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Tradecloud One is released in Q1 of 2020, this document will inform you about the improvements that are made in the Tradecloud supply chain platform. One of the major changes is in the architecture of the platform, Tradecloud One it is now an event-based platform. You, as a user, will properly not notice this, but it will make the platform more stable because it will be able to process much more data. You will experience the following improvements, which will be illustrated below:

  • New homepage called Dashboard
  • N: N Network
  • Communication & workflow become one: Tasks
  • Email notifications
  • Renewed Orders page
  • New User interface

New homepage called Dashboard

The dashboard page is the first page you will see after logging in into the platform. In this page, you see all the activities that happened on the platform in chronological order.  Activities that will be shown are:

  • Order events
  • Order line events  
  • Incoming & outgoing communication

You will not be able to do an activity yourself in the dashboard page, but you can open the order (line) that is related to an activity, using a hyperlink. Furthermore, you will be able to check some basic metrics in the dashboard page.

N:N Network

Tradecloud One is an N:N network, which basically means that suppliers are able to serve multiple customers using only 1 account. This also means that buyers cannot create suppliers anymore, the creation of new company account is hereby the responsibility of Tradecloud.

Communication & workflow become Tasks

Another improvement in the user experience will be the way communications and workflows are handled. In Tradecloud One
this is done with one ‘’workflow’’ called Tasks. All order actions you have to do & incoming communication where you have to respond on, will be listed in this page. So, this will practically be your day to day supply chain To-Do list. All actions you have to do can be done directly in the Tasks page, but if you need more detailed information or just want to see the order itself, you can open the order page by simply using the hyperlinks.

Email notifications

When there is an action for you to be done, you will receive a Tasks notification in your email inbox. This Tasks notification will contain a link to your Tasks page of your Tradecloud account. Of course, you can still decide by yourself how often you like to receive a notification in your inbox. Furthermore it is possible to receive tasks notifications only for the orders where you responsible for, this can be done by linking your account to an order.

Renewed Orders page

The Orders pages are improved as well. Users do have the ability to decide be themselves which information will be shown in the order table. So, you are able to focus only on the information you need.

Furthermore, Tradecloud One now works with a process status, logistical status and order labels. In the past an order could only have one status, say overdue. This means an order cannot be shipped and overdue at the same time. In Tradecloud One this is possible, so a more precise status indication can be defined. Also, it is possible now to filter on multiple statuses, for instance, on ‘’confirmed’’ & “shipped”.

As well the order detail & order line detail pages are improved. A Timeline is added where the changes in the order status are displayed which the time of the event. Furthermore, every order & order line detail page has its own event stream, this creates insight in all historical order activity and related communication.

New user interface

As you can see in the pictures above, the user interface is improved as well. It has a new design that is more customer-friendly. As well we added a general search box to the user interface, with this search box you are able to search your whole platform for order & order lines, companies, and users.

New modules

Now, Tradecloud One is live we can fully focus on building new features and modules. We are already busy with building a new shipment module that will keep trade of all your shipments. Furthermore, we are designing a forecast module, that will inform suppliers about further demands.

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