HOW TO – Create a shipment

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HOW TO – Create a shipment

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To create a new shipment click on the “+” at the bottom right of the Shipments page.

In the first screen of the shipment creation process, the to-be-shipped delivery lines can be selected.
The page looks similar to the Order line overview page, the same filters can also be used.
Suggested is to filter order lines based on Process status “Confirmed” and delivery line logistical status “open”.

If you use shipping containers or other packages and packaging materials to ship the cargo, you can create one or multiple “Load carriers” in which delivery lines can be loaded.
To create a load carrier within your shipment, click on the “+” at the top left of the order line overview.

After selecting the to-be-shipped delivery lines, click on the “Next” button at the bottom left or “Finalize despatch advice” at the top right.
In the next screen, the shipment header information can be entered. Be aware that not all fields are mandatory, check with your customers which fields are required.

At the bottom of the page, all selected delivery lines are shown.
Whenever the quantity differs from the original delivery line in the order line, then the option to request a split delivery is shown.

To create the shipment, click “Create”

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