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Process statuses

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Description of the Process statuses

The process status of an order indicates the administrative status of an order. The following logistical statuses are used by Tradecloud:

Issued Order(line) is not yet confirmed by the supplier.
In progress

Order(line) is confirmed with an inconsistent date, quantity or price

Order(line) is confirmed without discrepancies
Your order(line) is rejected by your supplier

The order(line) is completely handled at the buyer, usually when the supplier invoice is received and approved by the buyer.
The order(line) is cancelled by the customer

Tradecloud uses process statuses on two levels, namely:

  • on order level (aggregation of the process statuses within the order)
  • on order line level

Aggregated Order process status

Fine-grained In progress statuses

Fine-grained in progress statusExplanation
Supplier proposal There is an open proposal from the supplier.
Buyer request There is an open reopen request from the buyer.
Supplier requestThere is an open reopen request from the supplier.
Reissued by the buyerThe rejected order line was reissued by the buyer.
The supplier can confirm the order again.
Rejected proposal The proposal from the supplier was rejected and no other requests are open.
The supplier can confirm the order again.
Reverted CompletionThe completion of this line was reverted. The supplier can confirm the order again.

Updating the process status of anorder line

The status of order lines is updated based on the actions performed by the users in Tradecloud

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