Attaching documents to an order (line)

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Attaching documents to an order (line)

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Tradecloud One offers several ways to share documents with your connections. Buyer as well As supplier users can attach files to orders and order lines via the portal. Also it is possible to attach documents automatically via an integration with your system.

Documents uploaded to Tradecloud One will be stored for 12 months.
Documents larger that 200MB are not supported.

Uploading via the portal

Every user can upload files via the portal, it works similar to uploading files to Dropbox or Google drive. Here is how it works:

  1. You log in to Tradecloud,
  2. Find the order or order line where you want to attach a file to,
  3. Click on the blue paperclip in the action column on the left,
  4. Select upload and pick the file you want to attach to the order or line,
  5. Optional: specify the document type, document name or document description,
  6. Click attach to finish.

Only one file can be uploaded at a time. The reason for this is; for most companies it is required to specify a document type before attaching a file to an order (line).

NOTE: Companies can determine themselves if they would like to be notified when a document is attached to an order (line), via the Acknowledge tasks settings. If you want to be sure the documents will be noticed, then send a conversation message to your supplier/customer to inform them about your uploaded file.

Uploading via API

Uploading and attaching files via the API can be very useful when you share product drawing or packaging instructions regularly. Via an integration, you can automate this process and prevent human errors.

You can read more technical documentation about the Documents API here.

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