7 steps to successful ERP integration

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7 steps to successful ERP integration

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  • Decision on the integration method (API, ERP connector, SCSN, ..)
  • Commercial agreements

Please send all your questions to: support@tradecloud.nl

ERP Integration steps

1. Technical Kickoff

With the technical project team.
Discuss ande decide on:
– Roles
– Planning
– Progress meetings

2. Knowledge sharing

Share technical knowledge where applicable:
– API development
– Security
– Migration
– User management
– Document transfer
– Maintenance and support

3. Interface deployment and/or configuration

– Development of the interface

4. Progress meetings

– Regular progress meetings

5. Acceptance testing

– Acceptance test by Tradecloud of the interface
– Needed before a production environment is created

6. Live

– Live

7. Maintenance

– Maintence and support of the interface

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