What are the benefits of supply chain integration?

Business Case Calculator for the manufacturing industry and wholesale

Tradecloud has developed a calculator for (new) users of the Tradecloud Supply Chain platform to have more insights in the platform’s Return On Investment (ROI).

To calculate the ROI, there are direct and indirect savings that can be achieved through supply chain integration.

Direct savings

  • Less manual work by automating order administration

Indirect savings

  • Better supply reliability
  • Less mistakes
  • Lower safety stocks

To calculate this for yourself, we have developed an ROI calculator in Excel. With this model you can quickly calculate Рbased on some input (number of orders, number of FTE) Рwhat the potential savings are.

Interested? Download the calculator on the right or request a demo and ask for the ROI calculator.

Good luck and we look forward to hear from you soon!
Team Tradecloud

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