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21 01, 2019

What’s Ahead For Supply Chain Executives In 2019?


When it comes to global trade, Brexit isn’t the only apple cart being upended at moment. Domestic and international politics, rising oil prices, and global tensions are creating a volatile and highly unpredictable trade environment globally. What’s Ahead For Supply Chain Executives In 2019? Climate Change will drive innovation, as today’s customer is looking to do [...]

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2 01, 2019

Why the supply chain is finally getting its due


Author: Andy Stinnes - Venture Partner at Cloud Apps Capital Partners. Source: The supply chain used to be the nerdy kid of the corporate world. Sure, companies were glad to get their products to market, but they doled out the real glory to departments like product design, branding, and marketing. Managing the uncool supply chain won you [...]

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10 12, 2018

Supply Chain Predictions for 2019


The electronics supply chain, for the past year, has been marked by component shortages, lead-time extensions and tariff uncertainties. Nevertheless, it’s been a good year for component manufacturers and distributors—many of which have reported record quarterly sales during 2018. In 2019, IDC projects, the supply chain writ large is poised to transition from a cost center to an [...]

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3 12, 2018

Six Ways Industry 4.0 Is Changing Manufacturing


Industry 4.0 is the manufacturing movement that is reshaping the business of building products. Defined by unparalleled machine intelligence and connectivity, industry 4.0 introduces cyber-physical systems and IoT on the factory floor. Our modern manufacturing efforts are driving advancements in industry 4.0, bringing greater efficiency, quality and sustainability to the manufacturing process. The shift to [...]

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19 10, 2018

Seducing Suppliers That New Technology Is Good For Them


Many buyers, in my experience, take it for granted that their suppliers will happily sign up to new technology and process initiatives, whether that is a new P2P system, auctions, a risk management approach, or something else. But the supplier can say no, or participate in a manner that is not genuinely helpful. So it is [...]

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19 09, 2018

Building a Triple A Supply Chain: Ten Tactics That Work


Over the last six years, we studied the connection between business results (growth, operating margin, inventory turns and Return on Invested Capital (ROIC)) and the link to company characteristics. What did we find? We consistently see that companies focused on functional excellence–a focus within a functional silo like manufacturing, transportation or distribution– or singular metrics– [...]

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28 08, 2018



When it comes to supply chain professionals, most of us like to think we know the best way of doing things. Starting off with the best of intentions, we work under an unproven premise that our little supply chain foibles are typical in organizations like ours. Ignoring some consistent fault lines, however, will eventually expose [...]

16 08, 2018

Hencon chooses Tradecloud for supplier integration


Hencon has choosen Tradecloud to integrate their suppliers. Orders from ERP will be automatically send and processed between Hencon and their suppliers. Connected suppliers include Van Egmond and Kramp.   About Hencon The Netherlands, 1956. When we first started out, we mainly made side loaders and road construction vehicles, such as motor graders. In [...]

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5 08, 2018

Learning the Language of Market Driven Demand


In companies, there is no standard model for demand processes. It is evolving. New forms of analytics make new capabilities possible. In the traditional organization, some demand processes are sales-driven. Others are marketing-driven. However, sales-driven and marketing-driven processes are quite different from market-driven processes. Unfortunately, companies have invested money in traditional forecasting processes believing that [...]

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3 08, 2018

Festo connects to Tradecloud platform


We are proud that Festo has started to join as a supplier on the Tradecloud supply chain platform. With this collaboration, Festo & Tradecloud will integrate the operational processes between Festo and its customers in real time so that it can be produced faster and more effectively. A clear win-win for both parties. About Festo [...]

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