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12 12, 2022

5 tips on AI in supply chain management


Artificial intelligence (AI) is a rapidly growing field with many potential applications across a wide range of industries and domains. In the world of supply chain management, AI has the potential to revolutionize the way that businesses source, produce, and distribute goods and services. Here are five ways in which AI can be applied in [...]

5 tips on AI in supply chain management2022-12-09T15:22:29+01:00
8 12, 2022

7 tips on how to improve your supply chain, with specific examples


As a business owner or supply chain professional, you know that a well-functioning supply chain is essential for the success of your company. From sourcing raw materials and components to delivering finished products to customers, the supply chain is a critical part of your operations. However, improving your supply chain can be a challenging task, [...]

7 tips on how to improve your supply chain, with specific examples2022-12-08T13:18:04+01:00
6 11, 2022

Recent supply chain disruptions


In recent months, the world has experienced numerous supply chain disruptions, causing businesses to scramble to find solutions and adapt to the changing landscape. From natural disasters to trade tensions, these disruptions have had a significant impact on global supply chains, causing delays and increased costs for companies. One of the most significant disruptions has [...]

Recent supply chain disruptions2022-12-06T09:27:32+01:00
6 10, 2022

Recent raw material problems


As the global population continues to grow and demand for products and services increases, the availability and sustainability of raw materials has become a major concern. Raw materials, also known as natural resources, are essential for the production of goods and services and play a crucial role in our economy. However, the increasing demand for [...]

Recent raw material problems2022-12-06T09:29:21+01:00
6 09, 2022

Impact of China trade war on supply chains


As the ongoing trade war between China and the United States continues to escalate, it has had a significant impact on global supply chains. This has caused disruptions and uncertainty for businesses, and has the potential to affect the global economy as a whole. One of the main reasons for the trade war is the [...]

Impact of China trade war on supply chains2022-12-06T09:32:38+01:00
12 08, 2022

What is a supplier portal?


A supplier portal is an online platform that allows businesses to manage their relationships with their suppliers. It provides a central location for businesses to access important information about their suppliers, such as contact details, payment terms, and product information. One of the main benefits of a supplier portal is the ability to streamline the [...]

What is a supplier portal?2022-12-06T09:38:27+01:00
15 07, 2022

7 Tips for Successful Supplier Collaboration


As manufacturing and wholesale companies face supply chain disruption, inflation & net zero deadlines, collaboration with suppliers is more vital than ever to profitability Here are 7 key ways supplier collaboration can deliver more insight, sustainability and profitability to the supply chain. 1. Supply chain collaboration: Be dynamic Research from McKinsey suggests that a single [...]

7 Tips for Successful Supplier Collaboration2022-07-15T15:30:33+02:00
12 07, 2022

Supply Chain Live 24/7 [updated]


Supply Chain Live Below the latest supply chain issues and a collection of the supply chain news from around the world. A potential economic recession and the supply chain bullwhip are colliding Supply chains are experiencing a massive bullwhip from the COVID economy and have built up massive inventory levels. A slowdown in consumer spending [...]

Supply Chain Live 24/7 [updated]2022-07-12T10:28:01+02:00
1 07, 2022

Price indexation Tradecloud subscriptions


Announcement for all current Tradecloud Customers Date: 1/1/2022 Tradecloud subscription prices in existing contracts are indexed per 01/01/22 with the current inflation rates per first renewal date. As stated in the terms and conditions we follow the Customer Price Index as published by Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek (CBS CPI). The indexation rate on your [...]

Price indexation Tradecloud subscriptions2022-09-05T13:36:11+02:00
27 09, 2021

AI case study 5: Workflow automation with TradeCloud One


The Business Problem In this business case, AI workflow automation will be exemplified using the example of a TradeCloud client. The client is a manufacturer of machines for the sorting of eggs and is based in the Netherlands. The company has more than 200 suppliers for its components, which means putting a lot [...]

AI case study 5: Workflow automation with TradeCloud One2023-07-14T14:49:28+02:00
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