Getting started

for Suppliers

Getting started for Suppliers2019-07-29T14:51:12+02:00

Connect as a Supplier

Do you want to collaborate with your customers via the Tradecloud platform? Or do you want to propose to your customer to improve the order process via Tradecloud? In both cases we will gladly help you so that you can quickly digitize your order processes.

Starting with the platform is easy and fast. Tradecloud is the largest b2b network in industry and (technical) wholesale. Connect to the platform and get direct access to your customer’s orders. Our Customer Success department offers guidance in connection with the platform. For questions you can always contact us.

Fill out the form or call us for questions or a registration.


  • Sell more, with less effort
  • Automate your operational sales
  • Realize customer loyalty
  • Find new customers in the Tradecloud network
  • Start free

How does it work?

Working via the Tradecloud platform is easy:

  1. Your customer invites you as a new Tradecloud user. You will receive an e-mail to activate your account.
  2. After activation of your account you are ready to receive orders from your customer in the Tradecloud platform.
  3. Confirm or change the order by quantity, date and / or price. If necessary, give an explanation or reason for the deviation.
  4. Adjustments you make in the Tradecloud platform are automatically processed in your customer’s ERP system.
  5. Both you and your customer are now looking at the same order details
  6. Communicate directly with your customer via chat from the portal. Communication is always transparent and related to an order.
  7. A clear process and a satisfied customer!

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Next steps?

  1. Ask your customer to invite you if you have not already received an invitation for the platform
  2. Choose how you want to integrate your ERP system with Tradecloud to receive orders and send confirmations automatically
  3. Contact Tradecloud for a subscription
  4. We will get you up and running asap


Other questions? call us2018-06-19T10:11:40+02:00

+31 – 85 – 401 97 60

Do I have to pay in advance for a year?2018-06-19T10:10:01+02:00

Yes. Contracts are for paying one year in advance. We have noticed that if users tend to look a year ahead are more successful and long-term success is our goal.

What is a message or transaction?2019-04-11T19:50:01+02:00

1 message = 1 order line, 1 shipment line or 1 invoice line (including all possible updates, confirmations or deliveries on this line)

Are the rates all-in?2018-06-19T10:08:18+02:00

Yes, there are no added costs as with traditional licence software. The monthly or transaction plans include hosting, maintenance and support.

+31 (0)85-401 97 60

Do you have any questions? Let us know!

“There is a lot less manual work and you need to make fewer corrections. I also expect less credit notes because there are fewer uncertainties with this way of working. We’ve stopped emailing and ordering by mail.”
Armand Goethals, Manager Sales Process Support, Bosch Rexroth