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Transparant all-in rates

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Using the portal is 100% free. Additional functionality is charged based on type of ERP integration and number of transactions


  • The solution to receive & confirm orders
  • For connecting to 1 customer via the portal


105,- per month
  • Premium suppliers
  • For connecting to 2 or more customers via the portal


On request
  • Enterprise suppliers
  • For large suppliers that partner with Tradecloud

ERP integration methods

To keep pricing transparant and directly linked to your savings, the pricing of ERP integration consists of a monthly subscription fee for maintenance, monitoring and support of the integration, and a transaction fee per order line. These prices are additional to the supplier subscriptions above. This means e.g. that for ERP integration with 1 customer you only pay the integration fee below.
See all integration methods here >>

Via CSV/iDOC FileConnector

165,- per month
  • The out of the box solution for receving orders and sending confirmations from your own ERP system.
  • Incl. maintenance & support
  • Excl. implementation

Via our REST API

265,- per month
  • Connect your ERP to our API. We provide documentation and support
  • Incl. maintenance & support

Via EDI or ERP connector

320,-per month
  • A specific solution tailored to your ERP system or EDI specs
  • Incl. maintenance & support
  • Excl. implementation

Transaction fee: €0,23 per order line. Calculated and invoiced on a monthly basis.


Are the rates all-in?2018-06-19T10:08:18+02:00

Yes, there are no added costs as with traditional licence software. The monthly or transaction plans include hosting, maintenance and support.

What is a message or transaction?2019-04-11T19:50:01+02:00

1 message = 1 order line, 1 shipment line or 1 invoice line (including all possible updates, confirmations or deliveries on this line)

Do I have to pay in advance for a year?2018-06-19T10:10:01+02:00

Yes. Contracts are for paying one year in advance. We have noticed that if users tend to look a year ahead are more successful and long-term success is our goal.

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