HOW TO – Reopen an order (reconfirmations)

HOW TO – Reopen an order (reconfirmations)

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When you have confirmed an order but, for example, are not going to make the promised delivery date, you can request an reopening of the order line. This can be done in the order line detail page.

When an order line has the status “Confirmed” a yellow reopen request button will be shown in the action column, as shown in the screenshot below. The reopen request functionality works similarly to the change proposal functionality. When a supplier clicks on the reopen request button, a dialog will be shown wherein the supplier can request, for example, a new delivery date. When the request is submitted, a task is created for the buyer wherein he is asked to approve or reject the reopen request.

* At this moment the reopen request feature is only implemented on order line level. So reopen request on order header level is not possible yet.

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