Order & order line details

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Order & order line details

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In the order & order line detail pages you can always view the most up to date details of the order or line.

The information on the detail pages is divided based on topics into different sections, which can be (un)folded & rearranged by the user.

At the top of the detail page, the order timeline is visualized, this timeline shows the most important status changes of the order.

The complete history of the order can be traced via the activity stream on the left on the page. This stream logs all order activity, such as order status updates, communication & document uploads.

Below the order header information on the order detail page, the order lines that are linked to the order are shown, along with the most important information about those order lines. Suppliers can select multiple lines to perform bulk actions, like confirmation and rejections. One click on a line number will open the order line detail page, this page has the same layout as the order detail page and shows all line information that is known within the platform.

Actions that can be performed (in bulk) on the detail pages are:

Actions a supplier can perform:

  • Confirm an order line
  • Propose changes based on Price, Quantity and Delivery date
  • Reject an order line
  • Reopen an order line based on Price, Quantity and Delivery date
  • Approve a reopen request
  • Reject a reopen request
  • Update the logistical status of delivery lines
  • Attach documents

Actions a buyer can perform:

  • Approve order line changes
  • Reject order line changes
  • Approve a reopen request
  • Reject a reopen request
  • Attach documents

It depends on the status of an order line which actions can be done.

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