Introduction letter to suppliers – Template A

Introduction letter to suppliers – Template A

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Dear Supplier,

We are pleased to announce a global initiative for improving and streamlining our procurement and supply chain processes by implementing a new digital solution.

To fulfil our vision of a fully integrated supply chain, we are transitioning to the Tradecloud supply chain platform. As a strategic supplier of ours, you have been pre-selected to participate in this important initiative.

Benefits of working with Tradecloud:

If you’re not already familiar with Tradecloud, please know that being on the Tradecloud network, and doing business with us electronically, offers you multiple benefits:

  • Real-time PO delivery for quicker fulfilment, identification of discrepancies, and status reporting,
  • Reduction in administrative business expenses for postage, printing, and mailroom handling,
  • Real time insights in order statuses, updated orders and exceptions
  • Central communication ‘in context’
  • Potential new business opportunities through visibility to other buying organizations on the Tradecloud network,
  • Simple set-up – all you need is an Internet connection,
  • The portal is free to use, full ERP integration requires a subscription.

Transacting electronically through Tradecloud will soon be a standard part of doing business with us, and we’re excited to bring you along on this journey towards a digital supply chain.

Please have a look at the attached presentation or visit

We will soon inform you on the next steps. Let me know if you have any questions already.

Kind regards,

Supply chain management

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