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Orders overdue

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This page describes how overdue labels are used within the Tradecloud One portal.

When is an order line overdue?

Order lines are labelled overdue in the Tradecloud One portal when a confirmed delivery date of one of the delivery lines within an order line is in the past, while the logistical status of that delivery line is “Open”. Tradecloud will take into account time needed for the goods receipt process, specified in the buyers company settings.

By default there will be a 2 day delay and no receipts will be booked during the weekends

Tradecloud will check every night if an order line has become overdue. Also, it will be checked during specific events, for example when an order line gets confirmed.

When will the overdue label be removed?

The overdue label will be removed automatically when

  • The confirmed delivery date is no longer in the past, this can happens for example when a reopen request is approved.
  • The overdue delivery line has no longer the logistical status “open”. (for example when the delivery line becomes delivered)
  • The order line related to the overdue delivery line becomes Completed or Cancelled.

Where to find overdue orders?

Overdue orders and lines can be filtered on, on the overview pages.
Overdue orders can be recognized by the red labelled delivery date.

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