For connecting ERP systems from Buyers or Suppliers to the Tradecloud platform

What is it?

The Tradecloud FileConnector is a service that runs on a server and automatically import and exports files to and from the Tradecloud platform. This files are exported/imported in a fixed format that can be used for processing in the ERP system of the supplier. This is a flexible solution to integrate multiple ERP systems.


  • Orders from the customer to the supplier, via Tradecloud
  • Order-confirmations from the supplier to the customer, via Tradecloud
  • See example files

Available formats

  • CSV

Functional requirements

File transfer

  • Via a local installation
  • Via the Tradecloud SFTP server (on request)

Technical Requirements for local installation

  • Windows Server
    • A shared Windows server to install the connector as a Windows service
    • A Windows account for the service to run with read/write rights
    • .NET framework
    • .NET 4.5 or higher
  • Internet
    • Internet access via TCP/IP poort 5670 (ZeroMQ protocol is used)

Specifications of the files: