End of life Policy (EOL)

Products eventually reach their natural end of life for various reasons including new and better technologies becoming available, customer requirement changes, or open source parts and technologies are unavailable. This is part of any technology product’s lifecycle. It is Tradecloud’s goal to make this process as seamless as possible for you and our partners, and to provide as much visibility into what you can expect during the process.

The End-of-Life policy applies to the following products:

Version End-of-Life Date Solution
Tradecloud Supply chain platform Version 3
(incl. all modules, portals, API and connectors)
30 September 2024 Migrate to Tradecloud One

We offer a couple of options to you:

  • You migrate to Tradecloud One
  • or You end your contract at the EOL date


  • Software releases will be supported for 24 months after the first end-of-life announcement.
  • Support includes technical support, and patches for critical bugs.
  • The current module(s) will no longer be enhanced with new features
  • Current contracts may be renewed until the End-of-Life date
  • We are of course always open to discuss special requests
This Version End-Of-Life Policy document should not be interpreted as a legally binding commitment, but rather as an informational document that may change occasionally as we respond to changing market conditions and to our customers’ needs.
If you have any questions regarding the support schedule, please contact sales@tradecloud1.com