Tradecloud is the fast growing supply chain network for the manufacturing industry and wholesale

Below you will find a (limited) list of suppliers that are connected to the Tradecloud platform.

This is list is not complete and new suppliers are added every day, so please contact us if you are looking for a particular supplier.

Contact us at and provide:

  • Name of the supplier
  • Contact person
  • ERP system

Connecting via the portal is free for suppliers and only takes five minutes, so new suppliers / other suppliers than the ones listed below are onboarded very quickly and easily.

Building a successful network is a typical chicken and egg issue, so we very much need to help each other to convince all supply chain partners to participate in building a network that benefits all.


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and many more!


Suppliers connected via ERP providers and/or SCSN network

  • Suppliers of many ERP systems can easily be connected via the SCSN network; Tradecloud has a connection to other service providers, which makes it possible to re-use existing interfaces
  • All Ridder/Trimergo/Bemet users can be connected via Trivest Connect
  • All MKG users can be connected via SupplyDrive
  • All Exact users can be connected directly via Tradecloud


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