Tradecloud One functional Roadmap

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Tradecloud One functional Roadmap

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In the product roadman you can see all the features and functions that are suggested, planned, in progress and released. You, as a user can have influence on the product roadmap in two ways:

  • Vote on and Watch features that you like
  • Come up with your own Ideas

You can vote on features that you like. You do this by clicking on a ticket, and then press the ”vote” button. Tickets that has a lot of vote will be moved to the ”in progress” column earlier.

If you want to stay up to date about one feature, you can decide to follow a ticket by pressing the ”Watch” button. You will be kept informed about the progress of the ticket by mail. When someone adds a comment or when the ticket is moved to another column you will be informed.

Do you have a great idea of request and you don’t see it on the roadmap? You can mail your idea to and we will add your idea to the roadmap!

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