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Order module – Features

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Send orders to Tradecloud

  • Send all your purchase orders to Tradecloud via one connection.
  • Possibility to link purchases to orders.
  • Tradecloud distributes the orders to the correct supplier.   
  • Suppliers receive a task when orders are created or updated.

Receive order responses from Tradecloud

  • Suppliers can confirm, reject or propose changes to orders manually in the portal (free).
  • Suppliers can automatically confirm, reject or propose changes to orders via a connection with Tradecloud (subscription needed).
  • Buyers will receive a task when orders are rejected or changes are proposed.

Real-time insight in orders statuses

  • The Tradecloud one portal provides real-time insight into the statuses of orders and lines for buyers as well as suppliers.
    • Process statuses; provides insight into the process status of an order or line.
      • Issued > Order(line) is not yet confirmed by the supplier.
      • In progress > Order(line) is confirmed with an inconsistent date, quantity, or price.
      • Confirmed > Order(line) is confirmed without discrepancies.
      • Rejected > Order(line) is rejected by your supplier.
      • Completed > The order(line) is completely handled at the buyer, usually when the supplier invoice is received and approved by the buyer.
      • Cancelled > The order(line) is cancelled by the supplier.
    • Logistical statuses; provides insight into the physical location of the goods.
      • Open > Goods are not shipped yet.
      • Shipped > Goods are in transit.
      • Delivered > Goods are delivered.

Communicate in context

  • Communicate efficiently and transparent which your suppliers about orders and lines in the portal.
  • Communication is logged centrally in the order or line detail page in the portal.
  • All coworkers have insight into all communication.
  • Receive a task when a message is sent by your supplier.

Attach documents to orders and lines

  • Suppliers as well as buyers can attach documents to orders and lines.
  • Additional information about documents can be added during the attaching process.
  • Documents can be attached via the portal as well as via the connection.

Insight in the history of every order

  • Every order and line has its own activity stream. In this steam, every action related to the order or line is logged.
  • Activities can be:
    • An update of an order or line.
    • A status change of an order or line.
    • A message that is sent related to an order or line.
    • A document that is attached to an order or line.

Receive tasks when human input is needed

  • Receive email notifications when tasks are created.
  • Determine the frequency of email notifications.
  • Tasks are created when:
    • Messages related to orders or lines are sent.
    • Suppliers proposed changes related to order lines.
    • Orders or lines are rejected.

Ideas for the next version

If you are interested in one of these features, please late this know by voting on the topic on our roadmap.

  • Mentioning users in messages.
  • Attaching a document to a message.
  • User roles for: View only, finances & logistics.
  • Handling of return orders.

Features we will not support

  • Adding/changing order data in the portal when you are a buyer. The buyer ERP system should always be the source of the data.
  • Price authorization on user-level.
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