Recruiting together

The high demand for technical staff means that at Tradecloud we are often approached by recruiters and recruitment and selection agencies. If you want to help us find new talents, read below how and what.

At Tradecloud, there are no people working in our team who came in through a recruiter. From hearing we know that contact with different agencies generally takes more time than it generates. Because of this we have looked at a process in which we can work together efficiently and successfully.

Does the candidate fit in with Tradecloud?

Good cooperation can be very profitable for all parties, which is why we like to make a good start. On our “Vacancies” page we explain what it’s like to work at Tradecloud.

We don’t call, we email

Often you choose to call Tradecloud, but we have consciously opted for mail. By not calling, we are not taken out of work at a time when it is not convenient. An email ensures that we can choose the moment at which we answer a question. Even though we do not call, we ensure that you also receive a quick response from us via email.

The business side

  1. The candidate applies to us via our own vacancy page, on which the candidate indicates that he/she is applying through your agency/organization. Trust is very important here.
  2. We only seek help with recruiting technical candidates such as software engineers or developers. Trainees or side jobs are excluded. Only candidates who meet the stated qualifications are included in the procedure.
  3. We are only looking for people who want to work with us for a longer period. So no outsourcing, seconded candidates, job hoppers or freelancers.
  4. The candidate must be able to read and write Dutch and English well. In addition, the candidate must have an EU passport.
  5. We handle the interviews with the candidates ourselves. If required, we can explain the procedure.
  6. We are willing to pay a fee of € 3.000 (excl. VAT) should the candidate be hired by us. In addition, we pay another € 1.000 (excl. VAT) if the candidate is still employed by us after one year. We can only pay this if you can send an invoice from your organization.
  7. If for any reason we notice that the cooperation between us is not satisfactory, Tradecloud reserves the right to terminate the cooperation unilaterally and immediately.

Do you have questions about this procedure? Feel free to send an email.