More customers in the manufacturing industry?

If you have more customers in the manufacturing industry, we would love to work together in connecting these companies on the Tradecloud network and saving you a lot of manual work. For you there is an incentive to bring new companies to the network.

How does this work?

  • Tradecloud is your service provider for external connections to customers
  • You as a supplier have only 1 interface for connecting multiple customers
  • You and your customers can make use of the integration options that Tradecloud already has, this makes it easier to convince customers
  • If your customer only connects to you via Tradecloud, and not to other suppliers, he or she only pays a small implementation and subscription fee. Your customer does not have to buy a full Tradecloud subscription.

Your advantages:

  • One interface to your ERP system to connect multiple customers
  • No maintenance or development of multiple interfaces needed
  • Re-use of message standards and ERP integrations that Tradecloud already has developed
  • A standard solution
  • Low entry costs for your customers

Pricing model for you as a supplier:

  • A transparent subscription fee plus a pay-per-use transaction fee
  • See pricing table

Pricing model for your customers:

  • 2-5 days implementation costs
  • 250,- subscription fee per month
  • 0,23 transaction fee per processed order line

Your commercial benefits:

  • For each new customer that you introduce to Tradecloud we will give you 2.4 months free usage, so after bringing in 5 customers you will have 0,- subscription costs for that year
  • This discount is subtracted from your next yearly invoice

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